technical data

casting ingenuity that works


+ stands tilted by itself 
+ no clamp needed 
+ lid always sits right
+ List with quantities


+ Easy to open

+ Rounded ends

+ big sprues

+ big inlets


+ Robust design for a long life

+ Designed by goldsmiths


  1. Specially constructed lid closes tight using solely its own weight, no clamp is needed to hold it.
  2. The legs double as a guide for the lid, so it sits exactly right every time. No need to adjust it manually.
  3. The mould is built to stand by itself at an angle. This design allows the liquid metal to gently flow into the mould rather than just falling in. This results in a better quality finish as the chance of trapping air bubbles is minimal.
  4. The amount needed to fill the inlets is engraved in the mould. You never have to calculate the weights again!


  1. Two inlets for plaits allow casts up to 120g of gold (18kt) or 85g of silver.
  2. The sprues are very big, making it safe and comfortable to cast in the liquid metal.
  3. The ends of the casted pieces are round, making it easier to roll them and avoiding loss of material.
  4. There are three inlets for wire with equally large diameters but different lengths. A bigger diameter is much easier to cast compared to a thin one. This leads to best results every time.
  5. Opening the mold is easy and fast. This way the cast can be quenched in water straight away, to give it a finer grained structure and a better quality.
  6. The mold can be heated before use to keep the casted metal liquid for a longer time.


  1. All parts are made in Germany
  2. Developed by the industry for the industry...  The mold was developed by a goldsmith who knows the problems from experience, and has created a fast easy and workable solution.


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Dipl. Ing. Philipp Meuser
graduated as goldsmith at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau in 2005 and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Schweinfurt with a focus on product development.